Actor's Assistance presents  ACTION for kids

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Parents put your child in the movie industry the right way!!!

Movie Making Experience programs starting in June.  Sign up now!!!!

What is the Movie Making Experience program?

A Movie Making Experience is a class that gives actors and normal citizens the chance to star in a movie.  Actors will be given a character, get trained, rehearse scenes and perform in a short film.  The short film runs just like a real movie set with make-up artist, directors and cameraman on set.  Don’t wait on Hollywood to do what you love!!!!!

Why is this a great program to take? 

This is the first type of program of its kind. We understand that it’s important for actors to get training in order to be successful in the industry but we also know that actors would like to also act in projects. Many actors will take classes but never book a movie role.  This program bridges the gap and combines acting training and a movie making experience. 

What are the benefits of taking this program?

  1. Your child will not have to worry about getting accepted by Hollywood in order to star in a movie 
  2. Your child had no audition process to mentally deal with to act
  3. The child will build confidence
  4. Kids will learn set protocol and terminology. 
  5. Kids will also be better prepared when working on set by having this experience.  Kids that take regular classes and never been on a movie set will not have the same set of skill the kids will have from taking this class.
  6. Kids can add the character credit to their resume
  7. Kids can add the training credit to their resume
  8. Kids can use the footage for their demo reel
  9. The program cost is very low

 We have a few projects available in January and February for you to sign up for.  Please read to see the description of the movie, age group, dates, donation amount and location before you commit to the program.  We can only accept two students per character.  The role will be un-available afterwards.  We can’t guarantee that your child will play the role they’re selected for.  The final casting will be on the first day.  We are basically asking for your child to select a role so we can keep count of the amount of students and roles available.

Past Movie Making Experiences

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Halloween Party

The Dreamality Project.  Making of the movies.

The Investigators 

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Movie Making Experience Video

Most parents and adult actors must understand the catch 22 in the Atlanta acting arena.  Most productions are from outside the state and shoot here for tax breaks.  Many of the movies are cast from outside the area but some roles are given to represented talent in Atlanta.  Most of the casting directors want talent to have some type of demo reel (experience).  

This program is very fun and gives young actors the chance to have that movie filming experience. Actors will gain on set training and footage for their demo reel.

Please note: This program is intended to give young actors the experience of rehearsing for a movie and working on a set.  This will not be a huge big budget production but the actors will have a great time and some footage they can use.  

The DVD will be an additional $10.00 for whom ever wants a copy.