Actor's Assistance presents  ACTION for kids

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Head Shots & Services

Head shots

Head shots are essential to working in the acting industry.  If you don't have a head shot then you are not an actor / actress. If you don't get head shots done with ACTION please go somewhere and get them now!

We will take well over 100 photos of your child.  They can have up to 3 different changes. We know what casting directors are looking for and will give you great shots for a low price.  We can also take the best one's for you and place a border around it with the name.

What to bring for your photos shoot?

Bring solid colors - nothing too busy.

Bring some bright options and dark options

Make sure the child hair is done. 

No jewelry for the boy and the girls can have ear rings only. 

                                                                 Make sure they eat before shooting.

Examples of Countrified's Head Shots of kids:

Audition Prep / Filming

If your child has a major audition and would like to prepare for it, we can make a house visit and help your child increase their chances.  We will work on the scene, find the best way to deliver it and make sure the actor owns the role.  If your child needs to film and submit an audition we will do the same process and get the best audition on camera.  You can then use the footage to submit to casting directors. 

Audition filming- we will not only save you a trip of getting your audition on tape, we will also provide the training to help your child book the job.  

Audition Prep is only $35/hr.  If you need us to film and submit an audition for you will be an additional $10.00 payable after session.   

Private Coaching

Does your child need private coaching?  We can help improve your child acting skills in the privacy of your own home.  We will work according to the child's skill level. 

Private coaching is only $25/hr with a 2 hr minimum.  Residences that are more than 20 miles away from Stockbridge, GA 30281 are charge an additional $10.00 travel fee payable at the arrival of the coach.  You can avoid the travel charge if you visit us here in Stockbridge.